A lifelong Alaskan, I grew up in Nikiski, and graduated from Nikiski High. My love of photography all began with my Dad. He used his Canon AE1 to photograph and print images of my brothers and sisters and the beautiful landscapes of Alaska. Eddie grew up on the beach, being from Hawaii and living there part of his youth before moving to San Diego, CA. He spent his youth surfing, fishing, golfing and playing with the creative side of his brain. He graduated from Coronado High school in 1994 and headed up to Alaska to spend his summer sliming away in the canneries. After falling in love with Alaska he continued to make his summer visits to spend time with family and fish when he met me on a blind date. Love at first sight for sure, we married on the beach in Puerto Vallarta in 1999, built our home together and started raising our family - four beautiful children. We feel so blessed to be on this journey together, especially with our lovely children and couldn't imagine it any other way!